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Stop Yellow Algaecide

Stop Yellow Algaecide
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Stop Yellow® Algaecide for Pools

Stop Yellow® Algaecide is an excellent algae treatment that removes and prevents algae growth in swimming pools.  Stop Yellow® Algaecide eliminates several types of pool algae, including yellow and mustard algae.  Read more about How to Get Rid of Yellow Algae in Your Pool.   

  • Controls yellow algae and mustard algae deposits on any type of pool surface - gunite, vinyl, plaster, or fiberglass

  • Fast-acting

  • Dissolves immediately

  • Choose from a six-ounce bag or a two-pound container

Add 4 to 8 oz. of Stop Yellow® algaecide per 10,000 gallons of water.  To activate, add a dose of Super Shock 4-Way or other pool shock treatment.  You will be absolutely amazed at the results!

Note: Stop Yellow® algaecide requires chlorine / pool shock for activation.  After using Stop Yellow® and pool shock, use a suitable water test kit to test for residual chlorine.  Ensure that the chlorine residual is 3 ppm or lower before reeentering the pool.

Yellow / Mustard Algae

Yellow or mustard algae is particularly common in swimming pools in the southern part of the US. It is most often seen as patches of dark yellow dust that covers various parts of the pool walls and floor. Mustard algae usually starts in the corners of the pool, near the steps, behind the ladder, and in other areas where the water circulation is poor.

Unless yellow algae gets into the cracks, pits, or crevices of the pool surface, it will brush off easily. Follow brushing with pool shock, then a treatment dose of algaecide formulated to treat yellow / mustard algae.

As always, follow label directions and pool chemical safety guidelines when treating algae in your pool.  And remember, using algaecide weekly in a preventative dose will keep your pool clear and sparkling. 

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