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Suncoast Chemicals Phosphate Remover

Suncoast Chemicals Phosphate Remover
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H830358 Pool Cleaning Phosphate Remover Qt $21.99

Phosphate Remover for Pools

by Suncoast Chemicals

  • Eliminates phosphates caused by pool chemicals, fertilizers, and other sources

  • 100% safe for your family and the environment

Suncoast Phosphate Remover works better and does more than other phosphate removers. Use with Suncoast All In One Algaecide and Suncoast Ultimate Water Clarifier for a clear and clean pool.

Directions for Use

Weekly Maintenance If No Algae Are Present: Use 2 fl. ounces of Suncoast Phosphate Remover per 10,000 gallons weekly to maintain phosphate levels below 125 parts per billion.

If Algae Are Present:

Initial high-phosphate treatment:

  1. Clean or backwash filter.

  2. Distribute the required amount of product across the surface of the pool. See dosage chart below.

  3. Run your filter system continuously for at least 24 hours.

  4. If filter pressure increases 10 psi over normal, clean or backwash the filter.

  5. After 48 hours, test the phosphate level with a phosphate test kit approved for swimming pool use. If it is needed, reapply Suncoast Phosphate Remover.

Note: It is normal for Suncoast Phosphate Remover to cause cloudiness. Use Suncoast Ultimate Water Clarifier to clear the pool water.


The amount of Suncoast Phosphate Remover to be used is determined by the amount of phosphates in your pool water and by the capacity of your pool. See chart below.

Example: For a 5,000 gallon pool with 250 ppb phosphates, use 2 fl. oz. of Suncoast Phosphate Remover.

phosphate remover table

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