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Spa Choice Bromine Booster

Spa Choice Bromine Booster
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H830770 Spa Choice Bromine Booster 1lb $10.99
H830772 Spa Choice Bromine Booster 1lb 18pk $197.82

Spa Choice® Bromine Booster

Establishes a quick bromide reserve in spa water.

Spa Choice Bromine Booster works with bromine tablets to establish a quick bromide reserve in spa or hot tub water.  Use Spa Choice Bromine Booster with Spa Choice Brominating Tablets for healthy, sanitized spa water. 

Spa Choice Bromide Booster Directions for Use

Note: Spa Choice Bromide Booster is not a disinfectant.  It is used to establish a reserve of bromide in spa or hot tub water.  It is necessary to use a sanitizer to disinfect the water.  This product is recommended for use with brominating tablets.  Add 1/2 ounce of Spa Choice Bromide Booster per 100 gallons of spa water to establish a 30 ppm (parts per million) bromide reserve before using brominating tablets for the first time and whenever the spa is drained and refilled.  When used with brominating tablets, Spa Choice Bromide Booster will ensure that the disinfection of the spa or hot tub is completely bromine-based and will eliminate chlorine odors. 

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