PoolGear Plus Testimonials

I’m new to online shopping and a little suspicious of it, but since your prices were so competitive and you could deliver chlorine right to my door, I gave it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was; fresh chlorine was on my doorstep in no time!  I will definitely buy from you again.  Just wanted to let you know that you are teaching an old dog new tricks.  -Tony M., Nashville, Tennessee

Excellent service!  I ordered an energy-efficient pool pump and it was here so fast I didn’t have time to wonder about it.  I am really looking forward to seeing the savings on my electric bill!  -Joe P., Stanford, Connecticut 

My old pool cleaner finally gave up the ghost, so I decided to upgrade to a robotic cleaner for my inground pool – I’m always interested in the latest technology, even when it comes to my swimming pool.  I finally decided on the Dirt Devil Rampage and not only is my pool the cleanest it has ever been, I am having fun with what my wife calls my new toy.  Shipping was very fast too.  –Mike M., Syracuse, New York

Having all my pool supplies delivered right to my door was so much easier than buying them at the store and hauling them back myself – and I love the free shipping!  -Narcissa S., Houston, Texas

Wow!  I was a bit nervous about ordering pool supplies online, but PoolGear Plus changed my mind.  The website was easy to use and I got my order quickly, with no problems whatsoever.  With your low prices on chlorine and the free shipping, I’ll definitely be back!  -Eddie C., Los Angeles, California

Compared to my old pump, my new pool pump is very quiet and my wife and I enjoy sitting out on the patio much more than before.  Thank you for the superb service and I will be back in touch when we need something else for our pool.  –William F., Allentown, Pennsylvania

I’m not a technical person and I wanted to buy an automatic pool cleaner for my husband’s birthday.  I called PoolGear Plus and a customer service representative helped me decide exactly which pool cleaner would be best.  She was so friendly and helpful.  My husband was thrilled with his birthday gift – and I’m thrilled with PoolGear Plus!  -Rachel B., Phoenix, Arizona

I made the mistake of ordering chlorine tablets from another supplier, and boy did I regret it!  They were crumbly when they arrived and didn’t sanitize my pool well at all when I tried to use them.  Never again will I order pool chlorine tablets from anyone other than PoolGear Plus!  -Chris G., Aurora, Colorado   

My wife has been saying we should get a pool heater for years.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Hayward Natural Gas Heater.  All I can say is my wife was right – I wish we’d done this years ago.  We spend more time in the pool and will be able to swim much later in the fall.  My wife is delighted.  I got a great deal on this heater from your clearance section, and your service is the best!  -John L., Lexington, Kentucky

I get the best prices on pool chemicals and top-notch customer service from PoolGear Plus!  No matter what the problem with my pool, you are always ready and willing to help.  –Alberto S., Charlotte, North Carolina

I found the best price on a new pool filter at PoolGear Plus, and now you are my new pool supply company.  Shipping was free and fast, and when I called with a question about the filter, the phone was answered immediately by an actual human being (very rare these days) who could not have been more helpful (also rare) and who made sure all my questions were answered.  -Walter F., Atlanta, Georgia

I used my catalog coupon to buy an inground pool pump and a pool kit from you, and I am thrilled with the deal I got!  I consider myself a savvy shopper and pride myself on getting the most I can for my money.   Keep sending these coupons, and I’ll keep buying my pool supplies from you!  -Kathy G., Raleigh, North Carolina

I was dreading buying a new cover for my above ground pool, but PoolGear Plus made the process so easy!  Thanks for the fantastic service!  -Linda T., West Jordan, Utah

I believe in telling companies when they’re doing something right, not just when I have a complaint, so I just had to write and tell you that I have made several purchases from you and have been delighted with your low prices, fantastic customer service, and fast, free shipping on pool equipment and supplies.  I’ll be a loyal customer for years to come.  –Caprice L., Athens, Georgia

I order pool supplies from PoolGear.com because it’s fast, easy, and convenient.  I’m a busy guy and I don’t have time to shop, so your website is very valuable to me.  Thanks and take care.  –Jimmy D., San Diego, California 

I ordered pool toys for my granddaughter’s birthday.  Right after I placed the order I panicked because I was afraid it wouldn’t arrive on time (I placed the order three days before her birthday).  I called PoolGear Plus and the customer service person was so nice.  She checked my order and assured me it would arrive on time – and it did, with time to spare!  -Mona R., Clarksville, Tennessee