Only PoolGear Plus Can Help You Spot The Right Stain Removal Solution

pool stain examples Several conditions can lead to pool staining, like acidic water, alkaline water, leaves, algae or metal objects left in the pool. But it's often difficult to pinpoint the cause of the stain, which can be a combination of several factors.

That's why you need to trust a PoolGear Plus Expert to help you pinpoint the cause, then offer a solution. We're the only online pool care store that has the products you need to clean up even the ugliest-looking stains.

With our exclusive, new, proven stain treatment program, we can not only help you pinpoint the cause of most stains, but help you treat them effectively. Just remember, stains in your pool are like stains on clothing. With the right advice and right product, you can get just about anything out.

Take the guesswork out of stain removal with Suncoast Stain IDentification Kit.

Stain IDentification KitNow, all you need to do is have your water tested, make sure your pool is balanced, then test the stain using our Stain IDentification Kit. With this first step, you'll know exactly which stain removal product will work best on your particular stain - which is just the kind of help you'd expect from the pool care experts at PoolGear Plus.

Suncoast Stain Removers Once you pinpoint the right treatment, you can then proceed with the cleanup using proven Suncoast products like Super Metal Control, Ultimate Metal Control, Stop Stains or Iron & Cobalt Stain Remover. All of these treatments are effective and a lot more cost efficient than draining and acid washing your pool.

Pool Stains before and After Suncoast stain removal treatments


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