What About Chlorine Alternatives?

Because of its status as a "chemical," chlorine has a bad image. But the truth is that chlorine has been used as a safe, economical sanitizer for more than a century. It's given us worry-free drinking water!

In the concentrations used in swimming pools, you can trust chlorine to kill mold and algae at all water temperatures and keep your pool clean and clear. Its use is approved in all states, and chlorine costs six to ten times less than any other sanitizing alternatives you can buy for your pool.

However, some pool owners are determined to try sanitizing options other than chlorine because they dislike the odor or find it drying to skin and hair. If you want to try a chlorine alternative for your pool, you are in luck, because they have come a long way in the past ten years. Today, pool owners can choose from many mineral-based and chemical sanitizing systems. Keep in mind that even when you use a chlorine alternative, you will need a chemical oxidizer to eliminate organic materials in your pool water.  Interested in trying a chlorine alternative?  One of our friendly, professional Pool Care Experts will point you in the right direction.

Revacil and Revablue 

Revacil Chlorine AlternativeRevacil is a powerful, completely chlorine-free sanitizer and algistat. If you're looking for crystal-clear pool water but dislike the odor and/or bleaching effects of chlorine, Revacil is an alternative sanitizer. Remember that just as with chlorine, regular applications of sanitizing products in the amounts detailed in the package labels are necessary to keep your swimming pool bacteria- and algae-free.

Revablue is a non-foaming algaecide that can be used to complement Revacil. It is a concentrate that prevents the algae growth that makes your pool unsightly and unpleasant. Revablue also kills existing algae - follow label directions. 

Salt Generators / Chlorine Generators

Chlorine generators, also called salt generators, produce chlorine from a mixture of salt and water.  They are not chlorine-free sanitizing alternatives, but they are a way to greatly reduce the amount of chlorine in your pool.  Depending on the manufacturer and the unit you select, a chlorine generator will maintain a salt level from 3000 - 6000 ppm in the water.  This keeps the salt generator system working properly.  While this may seem like a high salt content, your pool water will not taste at all salty.  By comparison, a typical sample of sea water has a salt level of 35,000 ppm. 

Hayward Aqua-Trol Above Ground Pool Chlorine Generator

The Salt & Swim redefines salt chlorination for inground pools and spas. Enjoy all the benefits of a salt-chlorinated pool at a price you can afford! This chlorine generator delivers convenient and effective salt chlorination for inground pools and spas up to 25,000 gallons.




The Zodiac DuoClear system combines Nature2 and Clearwater Technologies to reduce chlorine levels to as low as 0.6 ppm.  Zodiac's DuoClear automatically produces low levels of chlorine that work in conjunction with Nature2 Technology to effectively destroy bacteria and algae.  See a diagram of how this chlorine generator works.



Jandy AquaPure Ei Chlorine GeneratorThe Jandy AquaPure Ei, a compact, self-contained chlorine generator, features advanced electronics and auto-reversing polarity that mean very little maintenance is required. Sophisticated features and ease-of-use make the AquaPure Ei an economical and efficient pool sanitizer.





Pentair Intellichlor Inground Pool Chlorine GeneratorThe Intellichlor Salt Chlorinator has the following features:

  • Long life and high performance: Cell blade rated for 10,000 hours of operation
  • Simple push button operation and easy-to-view displays 
  • Automatic shut off to protect the unit
  • One-time cycling that prevents calcium and scale build-up

For more information, view the Intellichlor Salt Chlorinator brochure.