ABCs of Pool Maintenance

Maintaining the Perfect Pool is as Easy as ABC!

Poor swimming pool maintenance will keep you and your family from enjoying your swimming pool. Irregularly maintained swimming pools quickly become unsanitary, out-of-balance algae-havens. Then you're faced with spending time and money to restore sanitary conditions and balance to your pool water.

But there is a better way. With PoolGear Plus, maintaining the perfect swimming pool is as easy as ABC!  And now, with the addition of ABC Pool Care Kits to our Pool Saver Plus™ program, using the ABCs of Pool Maintenance for a clean, sparkling pool is easier than ever!

You can count on PoolGear Plus to keep bacteria and algae from affecting your swimming pool's sparkle.  With the ABCs of Pool Maintenance and our top-quality pool chemicals, you'll have a crystal-clear, shimmering swimming pool your family and friends will appreciate and your neighbors will envy!

Use Suncoast® Chlorine in an automatic pool chlorinator. We offer the strongest, freshest three-inch chlorine tablets you can find.  Our individually-wrapped, UV-protected chlorine tabs dissolve slowly but completely, maintaining the proper free available chlorine levels for keeping your pool healthy.  Just place one or two chlorine tablets in your pool chlorinator on the same day each week.

Shock your pool once a week with Suncoast® Pool Shock. Pool shock sanitizes your swimming pool by killing bacteria, controlling algae, eliminating organic contaminants, and creating crystal-clear pool water.  Our extra-powerful pool shock dissolves quickly and is easy to use.  Shock your swimming pool on the same day each week to achieve the most benefits from the ABC pool maintenance plan.      

Add a dose of Suncoast® Algaecide to your swimming pool 24 hours after shocking. Algaecide prevents and kills pool algae so your pool will look beautiful every time your family uses it, as well as when you entertain.  Our Basic Pool Care Kit includes Algaecide Concentrate, an excellent low-cost preventative; look for All-In-One Algaecide, our best-selling algaecide, in our Deluxe and Premium kits. 

That's it!  PoolGear Plus guarantees this simple three-step process will keep your pool water sparkling and beautiful if you follow it diligently.  If you have questions, call 888-718-7946 and one of our Pool Care Experts will happily assist you.  With PoolGear Plus, swimming pool maintenance is as easy as ABC!