Pump & Filter Systems

Above Ground Pool Filter & Pump Systems 

The massive size and incredible performance of today's pool filtration systems translate to years of easy and convenient pool filtration.  They do a better job of cleaning, require less maintenance, and are versatile pieces of pool equipment engineered for use with flexible or rigid plumbing. 

Modern pool filtration systems are easy to install and offer simple, hassle-free access to elements that require servicing.  Some have thermoplastic, chemical-resistant tanks.  Pairing robust filters with durable pumps offers superior performance.   

Choose between the three popular methods of filtration: sand, DE (diatomaceous earth) and cartridge pool filter systems, available in all sizes for above ground pools.  Not sure of what type filter system is best for your swimming pool?  Call our Pool Care Experts for assistance. 

PoolGear Plus also carries filter accessories, including DE media, sand media, and all sizes of pool filter replacement cartridges for your cartridge filter system.