Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps for Above Ground Pools 

Modern pool pumps are not just high-performance, but are very durable, with corrosion-proof construction, and many advanced operations.  Features on today's pool pumps include quiet operation, innovative self-priming designs, and clear covers so you can see when the basket needs to be cleaned.  Some modern pool pumps can convert from horizontal to vertical discharge orientation with just the press of a button.  Some are so energy-efficient that swimming pool owners can save over 25% on pool maintenance electricity costs just by upgrading to a new pool pump!

PoolGear Plus offers the best pricing in the industry on preferred brands of pool pumps.  Currently in stock are Hayward, Pentair and Speck pool pumps to keep your swimming pool clean and clear.  

An above-ground pool will typically need no more than 1 hp (3/4 hp can easily be used with less than 10,000 gallons of pool water).