Pressure Automatic Pool Cleaners

Once you've decided to invest in a pressure-side automatic pool cleaner for your inground pool to make maintenance easier, you have more decisions to make in terms of brands and features.  Here's some information to help you decide which pressure auto pool cleaner will best meet your needs. 

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners use pressure from the return side of your swimming pool’s filter system to move the pool cleaner around the pool. Debris is collected in the cleaner’s bag, not your filter, keeping your filtration system clean. Pressure pool cleaners work extremely well in areas where there is a lot of foliage.

Pressure automatic pool cleaners plug into your return jet or use a separate booster pump.  If you don’t have a booster pump built into your inground swimming pool, you can either purchase a booster pump or purchase a pressure-side pool cleaner that does not require a booster pump.