Spa Chemicals 101: Enjoying Your Spa this Holiday Season

It’s the perfect ending to a hectic day….or a romantic way to celebrate the holiday season….a soak in your spa or hot tub. Turn on the soothing jets and relax your muscles as you sink into the toasty-warm water. You’ve earned a break!

To fully enjoy your spa, however, it must be a clean, healthy environment. Bacteria and algae grow very quickly in warm water, so diligent spa maintenance is the key to pristine, alluring water. This article, the first in our series on spa chemicals, is designed to help you get the most out of your spa or hot tub during the holidays.

Keeping spa water sanitized is the only way to prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, and organic contaminants. You can purchase spa chemicals individually or as part of spa chemical kits, which contain all the necessary ingredients for spa and hot tub maintenance. If you make spa maintenance part of your weekly routine, you will experience fewer water problems and your spa will always be ready when you need to unwind.

Spa chemicals are formulated so that busy people can perform easy spa maintenance. If you are opening or refilling your spa or hot tub, consider a chlorine or bromine spa start-up kit. Start-up kits provide all of the essential products you need for a fresh, clean start to spa season. Most spa start-up kits come with a guide that provides simple steps for opening your spa. Spa start-up kits typically include:

  • Chlorine sanitizing granules or brominating tablets
  • Metal remover
  • Scale prevention and remover
  • Calcium increaser
  • pH increaser
  • pH reducer
  • Oxidizer
  • Foam eliminator
  • Water clarifier
  • Surface cleaner
  • Water test

Should You Use Chlorine or Bromine to Sanitize Your Spa or Hot Tub?

Sanitizing is the most important step in maintaining a hygienic, vibrant hot tub or spa.  Keep your sanitizer at the recommended level at all times to avoid out-of-control bacterial or algae growth.

Selecting a sanitizer for your spa or hot tub is a personal choice; here’s some information to help you decide.  High-quality chlorine sanitizing granules dissolve quickly and completely to maintain a steady source of available chlorine in your spa.  Chlorinating granules are economical and easy to use.

Brominating tablets offer the sanitizing effects of chlorine without the chlorine odor.  Bromine is more stable in warm water, making it an excellent sanitizer for spas and hot tubs, but it is slightly more expensive than chlorine.  A bromine booster works with brominating tablets to quickly establish a bromide reserve in your spa or hot tub water.

Relax and enjoy your spa during the holidays!

Posted: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 @ 4:02 pm
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