3 Ways to Make Your Patio Enjoyable During Winter

Winter is almost here, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your patio. With a few patio additions or alterations you can extend the time you spend outdoors far past summer. This article talks about three ways you can make your patio enjoyable during those chilly days and nights this year.fire pit

  1. Add cushions to your outdoor patio furniture. With the help of patio cushions your seating will retain warmth and body heat by those who sit on them. You can find patio cushions with insulated foam that are still weather-proof and perfect for the outdoors. Keep blankets outside near the patio furniture to make it extra cozy and warm. Adding a rug to your patio seating area will also help retain here and give your feet a warm place to rest on.
  2. Add an outdoor heater or fire pit. A patio heater or fire pit will become the new gathering place for family and friends. Patio heaters tend to be expensive so if you are looking for an affordable option check out portable fire pits. Cook meals, roast marshmallows over the open flame of the fire pit, or gather chairs around the fire pit for late night conversation. Fire pits not only provide a heat source at home but they are also great to take on trips! Portable fire pits can go with you on your next vacation, camping trip, football tailgate, or to the beach! They are compact and will fit in the car. Portable fire pits can be easily taken down and put together for convenience.
  3. Hang curtains around the patio exterior to block winter wind. Without wind chill, your patio temperature can feel up to 15 degrees warmer! Get thick curtains that you can fasten on top and on bottom, like a wind screen, so they don’t flap. The curtains will also help retain heat; just make sure they are far away from the fire pit!

Enjoying your patio during winter isn’t impossible with a few additions like warm furniture cushions, fire pits for friendly conversation and curtains to block the winter chill. After a long winter day enjoy a hot cup of cocoa in the crisp fall air. The patio is still, and will always be, the best place in the house to unwind and relax no matter what time of year.

Posted: Thursday, September 10th, 2015 @ 6:14 pm
Categories: Patios / Decks.
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