Swimming Pool Tips

screened-in swimming poolA swimming pool makes any backyard more beautiful and provides fun for the entire family. But it’s important to remember that certain materials used in and around swimming pools may not be compatible with chemicals commonly used to keep pool water clean and sparkling (pool chlorine, pool salt, pool stabilizers, etc.). Use these swimming pool tips to help you save money and time by choosing the right materials for use in and around your pool.

  • Select plants for the pool area that will be able to withstand splashes of pool water that contains pool chlorine and/or pool salt, as well as pool chemicals used for sanitization and balancing. Your local gardening center will be able to help you find plants that are hardy in pool areas.
  • All metal components used in and around the swimming pool should be of a high-grade, quality stainless steel.
  • Choose masonry products carefully. The porosity and hardness of natural stones varies greatly. Consult with your builder or stone contractor about the best options for stone materials around your pool or spa.
  • Seal all masonry products carefully and be sure to re-seal according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Even natural stone must be sealed to prevent weathering, staining, and premature degradation. Your stone or deck contractor will recommend the proper sealer for the masonry products you decide to use around your pool or spa.
  • Use of chemicals other than labeled pool chemicals in or around your pool may be hazardous to people, the pool, and surrounding plants and materials.
  • Always follow directions on pool chemical labels carefully.
  • In general, before selecting materials to be used in and around your pool and/or spa, discuss all options with your landscaper and/or contractor to assess the compatibility of such materials and pool chemicals.

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