Troubleshooting a Pool Pump Motor

pool pump motorHere are some things to consider when troubleshooting an EcoTech EZ or a 2EZ pool pump motor; the answers to these questions will help you decide whether or not it’s time to replace your pool pump motor.

  • Is the pool pump motor matched with the correct impeller? Does the total horsepower match the impeller rating?
  • Is the timer clock set to the correct time? Is the time of day (AM/PM) set correctly? Have the programs been set to the desired times correctly?
  • Is the timer on the pool pump motor set for the correct day of the week? Have the programs been correctly set to the desired days?
  • Is the pool pump motor sitting firmly on a base and not cantilevered?
  • Prior to running, does the shaft/impeller on the pool pump motor spin freely?
  • Are the voltage connections on the correct terminals, and are they set securely?
  • Is the voltage within +/-10% of the nameplate voltage rating?
  • Is the Run/Stop button lit up and green in color? This button is used to start or stop the programs that you have entered into the interface, so it needs to remain in the Run position (green light on).
  • Are the amps at or below the nameplate rating when the pool pump motor is running under load?
  • Are the vents on the frame and endshield (if applicable) free from debris and clear for airflow?

To speak to a Pool Care Expert about your pool pump motor, please call 888-718-7946.

Posted: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 @ 2:13 pm
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