boy in swimming poolPoolGear Plus Pool Supplies carries two SeaKlear® products: 90-Day Algae Prevention & Remover and Natural Clarifier for Pools. Here’s more information about SeaKlear.

SeaKlear knows that the backyard pool or spa is a part of the American Dream. Kids love to swim and play, parents love to relax in the water or unwind in the spa, and the whole family can enjoy entertaining in the backyard environment.

But SeaKlear also recognizes that for owners, maintaining a pool or spa on their own can be a challenge. Pool and spa owners must have a basic understanding of the circulation system and how it works, learn how to maintain equipment, and learn the basics of water chemistry. Many pool and spa owners also want to maintain their pools and spas with a minimal amount of environmental stress.

Since its beginning, SeaKlear has been a leader in supplying eco-friendly pool products. Their first product, Natural Clarifier for Pools, is made from all-natural chitosan – a substance derived from shrimp and crab shells. The chitosan SeaKlear uses to create a natural solution for cloudy pool water is recycled waste from the seafood industry. Last year SeaKlear processed more than 900,000 pounds of shrimp and crab shells that otherwise could have ended up in a landfill.

SeaKlear products that display the SeaKlear Eco-Friendly icon are made from naturally occurring substances that can lower your pool’s impact on the environment by extending the life of the water in your pool and reducing the amount of harsh pool chemicals required to treat your water.

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