Product Review: Flexi-Frame Pool Leaf Rake

pool leaf rakeThe unique flexi-frame of the Flexi-Frame Pool Leaf Rake adapts to your pool shape, so it’s perfect for collecting debris from the pool floor and surface! The Flexi-Frame Pool Leaf Rake features a flexible overmolded frame, elongated front edge, and super-strong net connection.

Flexible Overmolded Frame

The strength of the wishbone frame on the Flexi-Frame Pool Leaf Rake combines with the flexibility of the overmolded inner frame to provide a pool leaf rake with truly unique characteristics. The front of the frame is flexible to allow it to adapt to the shape of your pool, so hard-to-clean areas like steps, ladders, and tight corners are easily reached. With the Flexi-Frame, leaves, twigs, and small stones can be picked up speedily and safely.

Elongated Front Edge

The front edge of the Flexi-Frame Pool Leaf Rake is extended to help the pick-up of debris from the pool floor.

Super-Strong Net Connection

The patented means of connecting the net material to the frame, a traditional area of weakness with many pool leaf rakes, makes the Flexi-Frame strong and durable.

Posted: Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 @ 12:57 pm
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