Pool Supplies

swimming pool suppliesPool supplies that every pool owner needs include pool chemicals, an automatic pool cleaner, and pool equipment (a pool filter and pool pump). Here’s more information about pool supplies.

  • Pool Chemicals: The right pool chemicals are necessary for a healthy, clean pool. Basic pool chemicals include chlorine tablets, pool shock, pool algaecide, and pool water balancers.
  • Pool Cleaner: An automatic pool cleaner isn’t really a necessity if you have a pool, but it sure does make having a pool more enjoyable! Pool cleaners are available for inground and above ground pools and will do much of the strenuous work of cleaning the pool for you.
  • Pool Equipment: The pool filter and pool pump work together to keep your pool clean and healthy. The job of the pool pump is to circulate water; the pool filter helps get rid of dirt and other contaminants. Be sure the pool equipment you select is of sufficient size and strength for your pool.

There are many other pool supplies that will enhance your pool, but it’s important to take care of the basics first. This will ensure that you and your family will have fun in the pool all season long!

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2 Responses to “Pool Supplies”

  1. Orlando Pool Builders Says:

    These are a lot of the supplies we recommend to our customers.

  2. daisy liddell Says:

    This post rocks! The best way to have a clean and safe pool whole year round is to have a good balance with every pool chemical that is essential for swimming pools.