SolarTouch Pool Control Solar Operations

The Pentair SolarTouch Solar System Pool Control offers smart, easy, efficient solar pool heating. Here’s information on SolarTouch Pool Control Solar Operations and how they benefit your pool.

  • SolarTouch Pool ControlView Current Water and Solar Temperature: In normal operating mode, the main screen displays the current Water temperature and Target temperature. The display also indicates if Solar Heat is on or off. Press the Enter button to view the current Water and Solar temperatures.
  • Adjusting the Water / Solar Temperatures: To adjust the target water temperature, press the Down arrow or Up arrow button to lower or raise the set temperature to the desired level. The water temperature can be adjusted from 40° F to 104° F. This sets the solar system to heat the water up to the target temperature.
  • Optimum Water Temperature: To achieve optimum water temperature, the solar roof sensor must be 6° higher than the water temperature. The pump must be on for a few minutes for operation. When the roof sensor and the water temperature are within, for example, 2° (the default setting), the solar heat will switch off. This differential setting is adjustable in the “Diff to Stop” setting.
  • Pressure Pool Cleaner Delay: Whenever the solar system is turned on, an electronic delay automatically turns off the pressure pool cleaner for five minutes. This protects the pump from damage caused by air in the solar panels at system start-up. The pressure pool cleaner is connected to the “Cleaner Interrupt” terminal on the SolarTouch Pool Control circuit board, which will always be set to on.

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