Product Review: Duo-Disc Pool Vacuum Head

The Duo-Disc Pool Vacuum Head is an advanced manual pool cleaner for vinyl pools that is perfect for pool owners who want full manual control over cleaning their swimming pools. It works by attaching a swimming pool hose from the duo-disc pool vacuum head to the pool skimmer, so all dirt and debris can be carried directly to the skimmer. It is then steered manually using a standard telescopic round pole to guide the vacuum cleaner around the pool. It goes where you want it to go!

pool vacuum headThis duo-disc pool vacuum head is more advanced than other manual pool cleaners because it is the first manual vacuum cleaner to incorporate automatic swimming pool cleaner technology with its soft-touch skirting, which creates a “power band” of suction. Combined with tough nylon bristles to remove stubborn dirt, this duo-disc pool vacuum head makes light work of pool cleaning.

The duo-disc pool vacuum head is suitable for all vinyl swimming pools, large and small. It fits all standard telescopic round pool poles and standard swimming pool hose.

Posted: Monday, December 31st, 2012 @ 3:58 pm
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