Pool Gift Ideas

Every summer, pool owners wish they’d gifted their families with products that would help them enjoy their pools more. You can avoid this feeling in 2013 with these great pool gift ideas!

pool gift ideas

  • Pool Floats: A quality pool float turns a few minutes of recreation into a few hours – a terrific gift for any pool enthusiast! Look for a pool float with an internal steel frame covered with high-gloss vinyl that will avoid damaging your pool, with beverage holders so your gift recipient can keep cool.
  • Swim Training: There’s not too many gifts you can give the children in your life that are more worthwhile than teaching them to stay safe in the pool. The right swim training products will help them learn to enjoy and respect the water.
  • Beach Balls: They’re not just for the beach! A beach ball is a great stocking-stuffer for both adults and children – it means your gift recipient will get great exercise while enjoying the pool.
  • Pool Fitness: An aquatic treadmill or bicycle allows pool enthusiasts to spend more time in the pool and get healthy while reducing impact to joints and recovering from injuries.
  • Waterproof iPhone Case: Many swimmers like to stay “plugged in” while enjoying the pool, and it’s a good idea to do so for safety reasons. Look for a waterproof iPhone case with a fully interactive silicone membrane and floating capabilities.

For more pool gift ideas, visit the PoolGear Plus website!

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