Hot Tub Sanitization

Did you know that there are over 6.6 million hot tubs in operation in the United States? About half (56.8%) of spas are in violation of local environmental health ordinances, and about 1 in 9 spas  (11%) require immediate closure! Hot tub sanitization is crucial because bacteria grows at a tremendous rate in a warm water environment. Here’s more information about hot tub sanitization.

hot tub sanitizationIn order to keep your hot tub sanitized and healthy for swimmers, follow these weekly and monthly spa maintenance tips.

Weekly: Test hot tub water sanitizer levels weekly (more often if the hot tub is being used frequently). You can use hot tub test strips for an easy way to test hot tub chemical levels in the water.  Add sanitizer and other hot tub chemicals as indicated by the test results.

Monthly: The hot tub filter cartridge should be cleaned at least once a month with a hot tub filter cleaner solution. This will improve hot tub filter life and efficiency. You should drain and wipe down your hot tub once every two months to help keep it clean. Clean the hot tub shell both at the waterline and below the waterline when the hot tub is drained.

If you have questions about how to maintain your hot tub, please call 888-718-7946 – we’ll be happy to help!

Posted: Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 @ 12:19 pm
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2 Responses to “Hot Tub Sanitization”

  1. tom Says:

    ‘Environmental health ordinances’ do not apply to private, residential hot tubs.

    Sanitizer levels should be checked before each use and adjusted as necessary before getting into the water.

    Most hot tub owner’s manuals recommend cleaning cartridge filters every month or as needed based on bather load or other debris in the water. A heavily used hot tub may need the filters cleaned every week.

  2. PoolGear Blog Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Tom! You are correct – however, information about those ordinances are important for hot tub users who travel and/or use the hot tub at the gym, and they are helpful guidelines for hot tub owners. Thank you again for your post!