Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Lights

For all of the spas in the US with inefficient, boring white incandesecent lights, Haward offers an alternative with the Color Logic Spa Lights. Here’s why Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Lights are our product of the week!

hayward spa lights

Watch a video on Hayward Color Logic Lights!

ColorLogic spa lights transform outdoor spaces by providing stunning evening ambiance with gorgeous, vibrant colors. Set the mood for seasonal events by matching your spa’s color to any holiday or party theme. You’ll have the hottest outdoor space around while saving up to 86% on your energy bill!

Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Lights are 100% brighter than any other color LED light available, which means they drench spas with intense color. They are manufacturered to synchronize perfectly with other Color Logic Lights. To learn more about Color Logic LED Spa Lights, call 888-718-7946.

Posted: Friday, December 21st, 2012 @ 12:59 pm
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One Response to “Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Lights”

  1. American Pools and Spas Says:

    Great article these lights are great for a late night pool party.