Saltwater Pools

Before salt chlorinators existed, pool chemicals were the only method of keeping swimming pools safe and functional. Today, salt pool systems offer a simple, safe alternative for pool maintenance with regard to sanitization. Here’s more information on saltwater pools.

saltwater poolsThe market for saltwater pools (pools equipped with a salt chlorinator) is growing, particularly among new inground pool installations. Some pool owners also choose to convert existing chlorine pools to salt pool systems. The primary motivating factors for this are a desire for less dependence on pool chemicals and for better-feeling, softer pool water.

Chlorine is a terrific chemical for maintaining a safe swimming pool environment. Not only does it disinfect water, it kills disease-causing organisms including bacteria, algae, and other organic matter that is introduced into all swimming pools over time. Saltwater pools still use chlorine as a disinfectant, but at much lower levels than chlorine pools.

To generate chlorine in a saltwater pool, pool salt is transformed into chlorine by the salt pool system. This chlorine dissolves in pool water to perform the same function as conventional pool chlorine products. To maintain saltwater pools, pool salt must be added according to the salt pool system manufacturer’s instructions. Proper pool chemical balance, such as pool pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness must also be maintained to keep saltwater pools healthy and pristine.

If you have questions about saltwater pools, please call 888-718-7946 to speak to a Pool Care Expert.

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