How to Adjust MIDE Fence Hooks

MIDE Fence Hooks provide you with quality, weather-resistant and easy-to-use fence accessories for patios, garden areas, pools and decks. MIDE Fence Hooks can be easily adjusted to fit multiple fence sizes. There are no tools or fasteners needed to achieve the proper fit. Just follow the instructions below to adjust your MIDE fence hooks.

Too Loose: Clasp your hands together with the top of the fence hook in your palms (See Fig. 1). Squeeze gently until the back bends slightly; place on fence for a snug fit.

MIDE Fence Hooks

Too Tight: Place hands on the top of the fence hook as shown (See Fig. 2). Pull gently until the back bends outward slightly; place on fence to check fit.

MIDE Fence Hooks

MIDE Fence Hooks can hold everything that’s cluttering your backyard such as pool maintenance equipment, garden hoses, pool toys, beach towels, folding chairs, gardening tools and more. Choose between pool accessory fence hooks, corner shelves, fence flag holders, flower box holders or pet dish holders. The adjustable features on these fence hooks ensure they will fit virtually every type and size pool fence.

Posted: Friday, November 16th, 2012 @ 2:26 pm
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