Holiday Wish List for Pool Maintenance

Are you shopping for holiday gifts for the person who takes care of pool maintenance in your family? Here’s a holiday wish list for pool maintenance!

Pool maintenance wish list

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner: Whether your recipient has an above ground or an inground pool, an automatic pool cleaner will make pool maintenance far easier and allow more time to enjoy the pool. No one, no matter how much they love their pool, likes scooping leaves and twigs out of the pool manually. It’s hard work and it needs to be done regularly; an automatic pool cleaner makes it a thing of the past!
  • Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets: If the gift recipient likes a pool that’s not just clean, but sparkling-clear, multi-purpose chlorine tablets are the perfect gift! They sanitize, prevent algae, pool stains, and scale, and clarify pool water. Multi-purpose chlorine tablets minimize the number of pool chemicals required to keep the pool in tip-top shape, and that saves both time and money!
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump Motor: Again, a great money saver – a variable-speed pool pump motor means that the pool pump works at the best speed possible for both keeping the pool clean and maximizing pool pump, pool cleaner, and pool heater efficiency – it will save your holiday gift recipient money all year round!
  • All-In-One Algaecide: Your gift recipient probably knows that all-in-one algaecide will work harder to keep the pool clear of pool algae and add sparkle, but may be having trouble making a change from a tried-and-true algaecide. It’s worthwhile to help the pool owner in your life understand the difference! An all-in-one algaecide will not only help them kill and prevent pool algae, but will add a sparkle to the pool that will fill the pool owner in your life with pride when they use the pool.
  • Safety Cover: A pool safety cover makes it possible to enjoy pool ownership, secure in the knowledge that the pool is not a danger to family, friends, and neighbors. No one likes the thought that their pool could result in a tragic accident. Safety covers withstand tremendous weight so the risk to children, the elderly, and pets is minimized.

To view other ideas for a holiday wish list for pool maintenance, visit the PoolGear Plus website.

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