Winterizing Nature2 Pools

Use these steps as a guide for winterizing pools that use the Nature2® Mineral Sanitizing System. If you have questions about winterizing Nature2 pools, call 888-718-7946 for help from a Pool Care Expert.

Winterizing Pools in Warm Climates

  1. Reduce the number of hours the pool pump runs since the cooler weather decreases the spread of algae and other pollutants.
  2. There is no need to superoxidize the pool during cool weather unless pool water becomes cloudy (as may occur after a winter storm).

Winterizing Pools in Cold Climates

  1. Check Total Alkalinity and pH of pool to ensure they are in proper balance.
  2. Vacuum the bottom of Nature2 pools to remove debris and other potential contaminants.
  3. Superoxidize the pool with chlorine, following label instructions, to clear the water.
  4. Add a winter pool algaecide, following label instructions. Important: Do not use a winter algaecide with copper in it; this will void the Nature2 no-stain warranty.
  5. Backwash the pool filter.
  6. Drain part of the pool water; the amount to drain varies from one part of the country to another. Call 888-718-7946 for advice from a Pool Care Expert on how much water to drain.
  7. Remove the Nature2 cartridge and discard with household trash. Important: Nature2 cartridges must be replaced every six months or after one pool season, whichever is shorter. Do not save the cartridge for re-use.
  8. Winterize the pipes with pool antifreeze, following label directions.
  9. Drain the water out of all pool equipment (pump, filter, etc.)
  10. Store all baskets, hoses, and cleaning equipment, indoors if possible.
  11. Cover the pool with a winter pool cover.

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