Winterizing and Spring Start-Up for the Pro Logic Pool Control

The Hayward® Pro Logic™ Pool Control takes the work out of owning a swimming pool by automating all essential pool and spa functions. Proper maintenance of the Pro Logic Pool Control helps ensure optimum performance and long life. Here’s more on winterizing and spring start-up for the Pro Logic Pool Control.

Winterizing the Pro Logic Pool Control

The Pro Logic electrolytic cell and flow detection switch will be damaged by freezing water just as your pool plumbing would. If you live in an area of the country with severe or extended periods of freezing temperatures, be sure to drain all water from the pool pump, pool filter, and supply and return lines before any freezing conditions occur. The electronic control is capable of withstanding any winter weather and should not be removed.

If you live in an area that only experiences occasional freezing conditions, your Pro Logic Pool Control may be set up to circulate the pool water whenever the air sensor drops to the selected freeze temperature threshold. Make sure the air sensor is recording the correct temperature and is NOT located in the direct sunlight to ensure proper freeze protection operation.

Spring Start-up for the Pro Logic Pool Control

When first starting the pool in the springtime, it is highly recommended that you temporarily set the pool and spa chlorinator settings (Settings Menu/Pool Sanitizer & Spa Sanitizer) to 0% (off). Then, manually shock the pool with chlorine-based pool shock and balance the pool water chemistry per the levels indicated in the Chlorinator Operation section of the Operator’s Manual. Make sure to check the salt and stabilizer levels and bring them up to the recommended levels.

After the pool water is clear and balanced, adjust the pool and spa chlorinator settings to the appropriate levels. Test the pool chlorine level weekly and adjust the chlorinator settings up or down accordingly.

It is usually a good idea to also inspect the cell and clean if necessary at the start of the season; see instructions here.

If you have further questions about winterizing and spring start-up for the Pro Logic Pool Control, please call 888-718-7946 to speak to a Pool Care Expert.

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