Winterizing a Jandy® VS FloPro™ Variable Speed Pool Pump

Follow these instructions to winterize your Jandy VS FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump.

Caution: The pool pump must be protected when freezing temperatures are expected. Allowing the pool pump to freeze will cause severe damage and void the warranty.

Caution: Use a non-toxic pool antifreeze such as Propylene Glycol in your pool, spa, or hot tub system to avoid damaging the circulation system. For more information, please call 888-718-7946 to speak to a Pool Care Expert.

  1. Drain all water from the pool pump, system equipment, and piping.
  2. Remove the two (2) drain plugs. Store the drain plugs in a safe location and reinstall them when the cold weather season is over. Ensure drain plug o-rings are not misplaced.
  3. Keep the pool motor covered and dry. Do not cover the pool pump with plastic, because this will create condensation that will damage the pump. Note: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. recommends having a qualified service technician or electrician properly disconnect the electrical wiring at the switch or junction box. Once the power is removed, loosen the two (2) unions and store the pool pump indoors. For safety, and to prevent entry of contaminants, reinstall all conduit and terminal box covers.
  4. When the system is reopened for operation, have a qualified technician or electrician make sure all piping, valves, wiring, and equipment are in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pay close attention to the filter and electrical connections.
  5. The pool pump must be primed prior to starting. Refer to the Installation and Operation Manual.

Winterizing your Jandy VS FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump is an important part of protecting your investment in your pool and pool equipment!

Posted: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 @ 12:30 pm
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