The Layers of Pool Safety Still Apply During Winter

Although pool season is over and winter is just about here, our pools still need to be equipped with layers of safety. Swim time might be over due to freezing temperatures and harsh winter weather but swimming pools and spas still pose a threat of drowning, injuries and other avoidable accidents.

Take the following layers of pool safety into account this winter. Ensure your pool is safe year-round, not just during pool season.

  1. Swim Lessons – Many indoor swimming facilities have heated pools and offer swim lessons all year long. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports swim lessons for children who are age 4 and older and for children ages 1-4 when parents think they are ready*. “Not every child will be ready to learn to swim at the same age,” Dr. Weiss said. “Swimming lessons can be an important part of the overall protection, which should include pool barriers and constant, capable supervision.”
  2. Pool Fences and Gates – Pool fences with self-latching gates will keep unsupervised children, pets and unwanted guests from entering your pool. Pool fencing around the pool is an investment in the health and safety of your family, friends, and even your neighbors.
  3. Pool AlarmsPool alarms are intrusion detection devices that will alert you or sound an “alarm” if something or someone comes in contact with your pool water. You might not hear a splash if a child falls in the pool, but the loud noise of a pool alarm will alert you.
  4. Door Alarms – Door alarms should be installed on any doors and windows leading to the pool, spa or patio. Door alarms make it impossible for unsupervised children to slip out of the house and into the dangerous pool area unnoticed.

Keep your pool a safe place 365 days out of the year, not just during summer months. Swimming pools are still dangerous places after pool season has ended. If your pool is equipped with proper layers of pool safety you will have peace-of-mind about your family and your home.

*Even children with advanced swimming skills require constant adult supervision when in or near water.

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  1. DuLando Says:

    Pool enclosures are an important part in pool safety throughout all the seasons.