The 2EZ Speed® Pool Pump Motor

The 2EZ Speed pool pump motor and timer is an easy-to-install two-speed pool pump motor with an integrated programmable timer, designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency and utility dollar savings. The 2EZ Speed pool motor is factory-programmed to be a drop-in replacement for a standard single or two-speed pool pump motor with only minor programming required. Just set the time and day of the week and the pool motor is set to operate.

It’s easy to customize speed settings for maximum energy savings; simply program on and off times for high and low speeds. Operating the 2EZ Speed pool motor on low speed saves the most utility dollars.

Your electric bill is based on the number of kilowatt hours used in a typical billing cycle. Use this energy calculator to calculate how much energy your current pool motor is using and your savings potential with the 2EZ Speed pool motor. The calculator will tell you how many hours to run your pool pump each day, along with the appropriate speed settings for maximum energy savings. Contact your utility company to find out if usage is prohibited during certain times of the day; then program the 2EZ Speed pool motor to shut off or to run at a low speed during these periods.

Posted: Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 @ 12:30 pm
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