Brushing Your Pool with the Wall Whale

Brushing your pool can be a real pain, causing muscle strain and soreness and aggravating chronic back problems. But with the Wall Whale™, you can brush your entire pool in about five minutes! Here’s how brushing your pool with the Wall Whale can help.

With an ordinary pool brush, you bend over the pool and make a series of strokes with both hands; one hand holds the brush against the pool surface and the other pushes the brush down. This method is strenuous because there is no way to hold the pool brush firmly against the pool surface and multiple passes are required.

When you brush your pool with the Wall Whale Pool Brush, you stand up straight and do most of the work with your arms and shoulders instead of with your back. To brush your pool with the Wall Whale, the key is to start at the waterline and keep moving. Position the brush so the bristles are at the top of the waterline, reach as high on the pole as possible, and make one fluid stroke to the bottom of the pool. As long as the Wall Whale is moving, it will grip the walls (or bottom) of the pool. (A new Wall Whale will bounce slightly for the first 10-15 strokes but move smoothly thereafter).

Whether for routine pool maintenance, algae removal, or new pool start-up brushing, there is no easier way to brush your pool than with the Wall Whale!

Posted: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 @ 1:15 pm
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