Polaris 9100 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

This inground robotic pool cleaner is the driving force in clean. The most innovative Vortex Vacuum Technology enables extraordinary cleaning power without losing any suction power!

It’s so easy to use, transport and install with plug-in convenience and one-touch operation. The Polaris 9100 only weighs 12 lbs. and is designed to safely clean all types of inground swimming pool surfaces.

Debris removal is now so simple with the Polaris 9100’s easy top access and all-purpose large capacity filter canister. With simple shake and spray filter cleaning you will never have to touch debris on your pool cleaner again!

The Polaris 9100 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner requires fewer filter cleanings by efficiently collecting and depositing debris for reduced maintenance time. A rear water propulsion system blows debris off pool steps and out of tight pool corners.

This robotic pool cleaner provides your inground pool the ultimate cleaning action with a pleated brush. You won’t find aggressive pool cove and floor cleaning like this anywhere else. One cycle on the Polaris 9100 gives you two hours of cleaning performance. This premium robotic pool cleaner is highly efficient and just costs pennies per day to operate.

Posted: Friday, September 14th, 2012 @ 4:12 pm
Categories: Automatic Pool Cleaners, Product Reviews.
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