How to Winterize the Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator

You do not need much chlorine in cold pool water. If your saltwater pool’s temperature is below 51°F, chlorine production from your Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator is not permitted; operating the salt chlorine generator in cold pool water might over-chlorinate the pool water.

If winterizing procedures are not taken, freezing pool water can severely damage the cell of your Jandy AquaPure Ei. In order to prevent these damages, you should run the pool pump continuously all winter long, or winterize the swimming pool by draining pool water from the pool pump, pool filter and all intakes and return lines. Remove the cell from the salt chlorine generator and clean it properly before storing it inside. Coil the cell leads, wrap in plastic and tape to the power pack. Winterizing caps are included with the Jandy AquaPure Ei to replace the cell during winterizing or cell maintenance. This will enable pool pump to circulate water with the cell out of the line.

When the salt chlorine generator is on and running through the winter, use your “Freeze Controller” on pool pump equipment and turn the chlorine production down to 20%, otherwise, chlorine levels in your pool water will exceed the recommended level of 1 – 3 ppm (parts per million).

Winterizing Procedure

Note: Disconnect power to the Jandy AquaPure Ei at the main circuit breaker before winterizing the salt chlorine generator to avoid risk of electric shock. 

  1. Ensure that all power to the power pack and the controller is disconnected and turned off at the circuit breaker.
  2. Shut off any necessary valves to prevent any water loss.
  3. Remove the terminal cap and cell leads.
  4. Undo the locking ring. If required, use the locking ring tool provided.
  5. Remove the cell .
  6. Attach the winterizing cap.
  7. Position the locking ring in proper alignment, making sure the bump aligns with the top thread.
  8. Screw down the locking ring to the threaded clamp using the locking ring tool.

Note: Ensure the locking ring is level when engaging the threading housing.

Courtesy of Jandy®

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