How to Winterize the IntelliFlo VS + SVRS or IntelliPro VS + SVRS Pool Pump

Here’s how to winterize the IntelliFlo® VS + SVRS or IntelliPro® VS + SVRS Pool Pump. To protect pool pump electronics from damage due to freezing conditions, the pump will switch itself on to generate internal heat when the air temperature drops below 40° F. The pump’s “Anti-Freeze” feature is not intended to protect the system plumbing from freezing. The Anti-Freeze temperature feature is adjustable and can be changed from 40° F – 50° F (4.4° C – 10° C).

1. If the air temperature drops below 40° F the water in the pool pump can freeze and cause damage. Freeze damage is not warrantable.

2. To prevent freeze damage follow the procedures listed below:

  • Shut off electrical power for the pool pump at the circuit breaker.
  • Drain the water out of the pump by removing the two thumb-twist drain plugs located at the bottom of the volute. Store the plugs in the pump basket.
  • Cover the motor to protect it from severe rain, snow and ice.
  • Do not wrap the motor in plastic. It will cause condensation and rust on the inside of the motor.

Note: In mild climate areas, when temporary freezing conditions may occur, run your filtering equipment all night to prevent freezing.

If you have questions about the care and maintenance of your pool equipment, please call your PoolGear Plus Pool Care Expert at 888-718-7946.

Posted: Thursday, September 20th, 2012 @ 1:39 pm
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