Winter Pool Cover Installation for Inground Pools

Installing a winter pool cover on your inground swimming pool that has a double-stitched binding  made of  UV-resistant polypropylene material will give your winter pool cover extra strength. Using a mesh winter pool cover over the swimming pool will allow snow to melt off of the pool cover, resulting in less wear and tear on the cover. These winter pool cover installation instructions apply to the Mesh Inground Winter Pool Covers.

1. Properly prepare your swimming pool to receive the pool cover. All pool ladders, diving boards and other pool accessories should be removed or, if not possible, padded to prevent the tearing of your winter pool cover.

Important: Before placing your winter pool cover on the pool, remove or pad all exposed sharp edges which could tear or otherwise damage your winter pool cover. This could be done with cloth tape, masking tape and foam rubber. Check deck edging, pool fence or any other area which could come into contact with your winter pool cover.

2. Lower the pool water level in the pool below the skimmer (no more than 18 inches below the pool coping).

3. Place the winter pool cover over your pool so that it rests on the pool water surface and hangs over the pool deck about 2 ½ ft.

4. Insert empty water tubes into loops. The water tubes must cover the entire perimeter of the cover to prevent wind from getting under the winter pool cover and causing the cover to billow or flap.

Caution: Such billowing or flapping in the wind can cause serious damage to your cover. Therefore, be sure the water tubes are placed end to end as you see in the image provided.

5. Fill each water tube with water to secure the winter pool cover to the pool decking. If you are in an area of extreme cold, fill the water bags only half full to allow for ice expansion.

During the winter months, we suggest that you occasionally remove any excess water from the sides of the winter pool cover. If ice forms on the cover, do not tamper with ice or attempt to remove it. Leave the ice until it melts. Before removing the winter pool cover at the end of winter, be sure to siphon off all excess water resting on the pool cover.

Your inground winter pool cover should be clean and dry before storing for the summer. Store your Mesh Inground Winter Pool Cover in a cool, dry area to ensure its protective use for years to come.

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