Winter Pool Cover Installation for Above Ground Pools

Proper installation will ensure long use and trouble-free performance of your winter swimming pool cover. Be sure to read all instructions carefully before beginning the winter pool cover installation process. These instructions refer to the mesh above ground winter pool covers.

1. Properly prepare your pool to receive the winter pool cover. Important: Before placing your winter pool cover on the swimming pool, remove or pad all exposed sharp edges which could tear or otherwise damage your winter pool cover. This can be done with cloth tape, masking tape and foam rubber. Check the top rail, pool deck, pool fence or any other area which could come into contact with your winter pool cover.

2. Inflate the ice equalizer pillow and secure in the pool center by tying the grommeted ends to the pool side wall. These support lines should not be too tight, but should allow the equalizer to float up and down on the pool water. (Refer to Figure 1)

3. Before placing winter pool cover over the swimming pool, pool water should not be less than 6” from the top of the pool. Where a through-the-wall skimmer is used, cover up the skimmer opening.

4. Place the winter pool cover over your pool so it rests on the pool water surface and hangs over the sides of the pool about 12” to 18”.

5. Lace the vinyl pool cover cable through the grommets around the entire swimming pool. (Refer to Figure 2)

6. Insert one end of the cable through opening A and the other end through opening B. Bring both ends through opening C (tension drum) from opposite directions. Pull ends through until cable appears reasonably taut around swimming pool edge. (Refer to Figure 3)

7. To keep cable from slipping back, and to apply additional tension on the cable, ensuring that the winter pool cover is securely fixed for the winter, turn the tension handle clockwise until the cable is tight. The ratchet lock will automatically maintain the tension on the cable. It is important that the winter pool cover be installed properly and snugly so that the wind will not get under it, causing it to billow or flap and damage the pool cover.

Using a mesh above ground winter pool cover will allow water to pass through the mesh weave while keeping leaves, twigs, debris, and most dirt out of the pool. Using a winter pool cover is a great way to protect your pool from winter’s harsh weather.

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