Ultimate Above Ground Winter Pool Cover Instructions

An above ground Ultimate Above Ground Winter Pool Cover will protect the pool from harsh winter weather and keep most debris and dirt out of your swimming pool. An Ultimate Winter Pool Cover has high-quality UV-stabilized securing straps included to keep your above ground pool cover secure all winter long.

1. Install the first two plastic straps to the opposing uprights on the pool’s length. Measure 22-30” from the top of the pool’s border. (Please note that the suggested measurements are based on the assumption that the top rail is 12” wide and the cover thus has 12” of down hang). (Refer to Fig 1.)

2. Repeat the above step (Step 1) on the opposing upright on the pool’s width. (Refer to Fig. 2.)

3. Place pool cover on top of the pool. Run the supplied bungee cord through the pool cover’s grommets and pre-drilled plastic strap (Refer to Fig 3). Repeat this step on the other three pre-drilled strap locations. By the end of this step the pool cover should be snug on the pool and attached to the 4 uprights.

4. Place the bubble pad material between the pool cover’s underside and the upright’s turnbuckle. (Refer to Fig. 4.)

5. Now that the pool cover is fitting snug and the pads are all in place, attach a bungee cord around every upright. You should be able to continue drilling the straps every 22-30”, but at this time you may be able to make a better judgment call to ensure the pool cover is fitting snug but not too tight! Remember, this pool cover needs to stretch during the winter to embrace the weight of the snow. (Refer to Fig 5.)

6. By this point you should have accomplished the Ultimate Pool Cover installation.

The Ultimate Pool Cover uses a tested material called Armorkote for the main body of the pool cover. Armorkote was selected for the Ultimate Pool Cover for its durability, reliability and long-term success on pools in all areas of the USA. An above ground winter pool cover helps protect your swimming pool as part of your investment in your home.

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