The Jandy® VS FloPro™ Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Jandy® VS FloPro™ is a variable-speed pool pump that can be run from 600 RPM to 3450 RPM. When connected to the JEP-R controller, up to eight speed settings may be programmed and recalled. This allows you to select the most appropriate speed for your application.

The average annual energy savings for the VS FloPro pool pump vs. a single-speed pool pump is $1,185. The annual energy cost for the VS FloPro is just $235 (based on 14 hour run time at low speed) compared to $1420 for other 2 hp single-speed pumps (based on 8 hour run time per day).*

The pool pump is driven by a variable speed PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) directly attached to the pump impeller. The motor spins the impeller, which forces water to flow through the pool pump. As the speed of the motor is varied, the flow through the pump is also varied. The adjustable flow rate allows for optimization of flow during the varying pump cycle requirements. As a result, the energy efficiency of the pool pump is maximized, resulting in cost savings to the pool owner while also helping to save the environment.

*Based on a 30,000 gallon pool run at .20 kW per hour 365 days a year

Posted: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 @ 12:24 pm
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