Solar Pool Cover Maintenance Guide: Part Two

After following all of the solar pool cover maintenance steps in our Solar Pool Cover Maintenance Guide: Part One, you are ready for part two. Part two will cover storage of your solar pool cover and other helpful tips regarding your solar cover and pool chemicals like pool chlorine.

  1. To store your solar pool cover, clean the solar cover and allow it to dry. Fold it into four-foot widths and roll it up from one end. It can now be stored away standing on end, in its original shipping carton or in a large plastic bag. Always store your solar pool cover in a shaded or protected area below 120 degrees F.
  2. Do not leave your cover on the pool after pool season. After swimming season ends, remove, clean and store your pool cover. The solar pool cover is not a winter pool cover and its life may be severely shortened by winter conditions.
  3. Solar pool covers significantly reduce your use of pool chemicals. Pool chemicals like pool chlorine will not need to be used as much when you use your solar pool cover because the evaporation rate will be slower. Maintain pool chlorine at the proper level. When you use pool shock (super-chlorinate) your pool, the solar pool cover must be removed from the pool to avoid shortening its life. Do not return the solar pool cover to the pool until the chlorine level is back into normal chemical ranges. Proper chlorine levels must be retained.

Remember, your solar pool cover should always be removed before swimming for safety reasons. Keep these solar pool cover maintenance tips handy when performing routine maintenance on your swimming pool.

Posted: Friday, August 3rd, 2012 @ 12:49 pm
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