Solar Pool Cover Maintenance Guide: Part One

A solar pool cover uses free energy from the sun to warm your pool and extend your pool season. You should always protect and care for your solar pool cover by following the proper steps in part one of this solar pool cover maintenance guide below.

1. Protect the solar pool cover while swimming. The solar pool cover must be protected from the sunlight when it is removed from the pool. The sun generates temperatures hot enough to damage the air cells two to six layers deep. The surest way to protect your solar pool cover when is it off the pool is to cover it with a white polyethylene protector.

Note: Delamination due to improper exposure of the solar pool cover to direct sunlight (when OFF the pool) will result in voiding the warranty of your pool cover.

2. Take care when handling your solar pool cover. To prevent damage to the air cells (bubbles), the solar pool cover should be carefully lifted over abrasive pool decks or coping or any sharp, ragged surface.

3. Do not trim or store your solar pool cover on the lawn. Note: Your lawn or yard can be seriously damaged in a short period of time if the solar pool cover is left on it.

4. Be cautious of high temperatures. Pool water temperatures above 90 degrees F may shorten the life of your solar pool cover and could also damage your pool. If pool temperatures rise above 90 degrees, the solar pool cover should be removed and covered with the white polyethylene protector. If you use your solar pool cover in water temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, including spas and hot tubs, your warranty will void.

5. Clean your solar pool cover. Most of the dirt, leaves, and other debris can be hosed off the floating pool cover directly into your pool skimmer. Run the circulation pool pump while hosing to send small debris into the pool skimmer and through the pool filter instead of into the pool. If necessary, the leaf basket or trap can be emptied after hosing. Water and a soft brush are generally all that is required to remove heavy grime and algae from the solar pool cover.

Note: A clean solar pool cover allows for optimum solar energy heating.

Keep an eye out for part two of our solar pool cover maintenance guide. Part two will cover how to properly store your pool cover. In part two you will also find crucial information about how solar pool covers help reduce pool chemical evaporation.

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