Save 15% on Select Suncoast Pool Chemicals

The Labor Day Sale at PoolGear Plus has arrived and select Suncoast Pool Chemicals are 15% off! With a variety of water balancers, pool algaecides, water clarifiers, stain removers and specialty chemicals, you’re bound to find discounts on the pool chemicals your pool needs.

Our Suncoast Pool Stabilizer / Conditioner disperses rapidly to give your pool chlorine protection quickly. With your pool water stabilized it will extend the life of your pool water disinfectant and save you money by reducing chlorine demand.

Select pool algaecides are also 15% off like Suncoast Algae Eater Plus. Algae Eater Plus Algaecide is an efficient, economical, easy-to-use pool algaecide that controls algae growth in inground or above ground pools. You can enter your pool water just 15 minutes after applying it to your pool!

Water clarifiers like Ultimate Water Clarifier are 15% off in select sizes. Ultimate Water Clarifier is all-natural and multi-purpose to clear cloudy pool water and remove stain-causing metals. This pool chemical is safe to use with all sanitizers and will increase the efficiency of your pool filter too!

Stop Stains Pool Stain Treatment is perfect for the pool owner fighting stubborn pool surface stains. If you are dealing with copper scale, oxidized copper or iron scale, this is the pool chemical for you. This 15% off stain remover works on marcite, gunite, concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and painted pool surfaces!

With over 35 different Suncoast Pool Chemicals at 15% off, there is something for every pool owner available. PoolGear Plus packages our own pool chemicals, so you get the freshest, highest-quality pool chemicals at the best prices.

Posted: Friday, August 17th, 2012 @ 12:13 pm
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