Solar Pool Cover Installation Instructions

Solar pool covers are a great way to help make the most of your swimming pool investment. By increasing the number of hours in a day for swimming and extending your overall pool season, your family will get more fun and exercise out of your pool. Solar pool covers also help keep debris out of your pool and greatly reduce pool water evaporation. Here’s how to install your new solar pool cover.  

Solar pool covers are installed on the pool with the air cells (bubbles) down and the smooth side facing up. Float the solar pool cover on the pool’s surface for a few days before cutting it to size. This allows time for the packaging folds to straighten.

Be extremely cautious when trimming or cutting your solar pool cover on all forms of vinyl lined swimming pools or above ground pools. Your scissors or cutting tool may damage the vinyl pool liner. The solar pool cover can be cut easily with ordinary scissors to fit the contours of the pool side wall. Before starting the cutting process, mark the outline of the pool wall on the solar pool cover with a marker or pen. Please be careful when cutting around curves and angles. For all types of vinyl lined pools, remove the pool cover from the pool after you have marked it and do the trimming and cutting away from the vinyl pool liner.

It can be easy to cut off too much material and leave a poor fit. It is better to cut the pool cover larger than necessary, and then give it a final trimming for an exact fit after a day or two. Once the solar pool cover is cut and in place, it requires no grommets, ties or weights to keep it there. With the bubbles facing down, your solar pool cover will float in place on the pool water through wind and heavy rains.

Manual Removal of the Solar Pool Cover for Swimming:

Pull three or four feet of the solar pool cover onto the pool deck and repeat in a fanfold manner (accordion fashion) until the entire cover is on the pool deck. Do not roll the solar pool cover up. When the solar pool cover is off the pool, it must be covered with a polyethylene solar pool cover protector. You can roll the solar pool cover up on a solar reel, but it must still be covered with the white polyethylene solar cover protector.

Note: Solar pool covers are not safety pool covers and are not designated to support people. Children should be advised of this and the solar pool cover must be removed from the pool before swimming to avoid risk of entanglement and drowning.

If you have questions about solar pool covers, please call 888-718-7946 to speak to a Pool Care Expert.

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