Product Review: Twister for Suction Pool Cleaners

Features of the Twister for Suction Pool Cleaners:

  • Power-steers pool cleaners to completely transverse pools without getting stuck in corners
  • Made of corrosion- and impact-proof materials
  • Seal caps for the end of the hoses prevent slip-offs and provide a more finished look

The Twister for suction pool cleaners is designed to stop suction-side pool cleaners from getting stuck in corners or going in the same repetitive pattern. The Twister power-steers the pool cleaner around the pool, forcing it to change direction completely to cover and clean the entire pool.

To install the Twister for suction pool cleaners, the pool owner simply cuts the pool cleaner hose and attaches the Twister according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The simplicity of the Twister is a big selling point; it has a gear box with a set of gears, sprockets, and shafts powered by the water suction from the pool pump. The suction enables the front face of the unit to counter-rotate about three times per hour by approximately 350 degrees per direction. To work properly, the Twister for suction pool cleaners needs to be completely submerged.

“The Twister relieves the homeowner from having to go out and check the cleaner, tug it and unstuck it,” says Jose Torres, Regional Sales Manager at Solar Sun Rings. There’s also a one-year warranty!

Posted: Monday, July 2nd, 2012 @ 12:28 pm
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