Pool Step Safety Rules for Installation and Regular Use

Follow these safety rules when assembling and installing swimming pool steps.

  • Consult your local building department before installation of your pool and equipment
  • Check the contents of the carton with the parts list for the pool step
  • DO NOT attempt to assemble or install the pool step if there are ANY shortages of parts or hardware
  • For proper assembly and installation follow all instructions in the sequence shown
  • Before using the product, after assembly and installation, go over the instructions and procedures again to make sure nothing has been overlooked
  • Be sure and safe. The manufacturer IS NOT responsible for improper assembly or installation

Follow these safety rules when on or around swimming pool steps.

  • One person on the pool step at a time
  • Do not jump or dive from pool step or pool deck into shallow water
  • ALWAYS have competent adult supervision when pool is in use
  • NEVER leave the swimming pool unattended
  • NO unauthorized entry into pool
  • To prevent entrapment or drowning, pool step must be installed up to the inside of pool wall
  • Be aware of your pool step weight limit. Exceeding the recommended weight limit may cause pool step to fail

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