Pool Safety Equipment

Pool safety equipment is necessary for any residential swimming pool. Since you never know when an accident could occur, you need to have these tools available at all times. Here is a list of pool safety equipment to keep in or near your pool.

  • Ring Buoys: Select ring buoys that will bend, but won’t crack, crumble or puncture. Ring buoys must be resistant to the sun and pool chemicals. Ring buoys with polyester webbing and braided perimeter rope offer additional safety features.
  • Life Line: A life line could save a life when moments count. Practice life line drills with your family so that everyone knows how to use this pool safety equipment.
  • Rope Floats: Braided rope with rope floats offers a chance for tired swimmers to get their strength back. Don’t allow swimmers to play on the rope, but teach them how to use it when they need it.
  • Life Hook: A life hook is a handy aid to help swimmers in an emergency. Look for an easy-to-use life hook that attaches to a standard pole. Educate your entire family on how to use the life hook.

Make sure that pool safety equipment you select works with the equipment you have or that you purchase the equipment you need to use with your pool safety equipment.

Keep in mind that pool safety equipment is never a substitute for alert adult supervision whenever any child is in or near a swimming pool. Even adults should swim or exercise in the pool with a partner; a leg cramp or injury could severely compromise the abilities of even an experienced swimmer.

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