Pool Filtration Terms: Part Three

Welcome to the third and final part of our glossary of swimming pool filtration terms. This glossary can be a quick go-to guide if you ever need information on your pool’s equipment. Whether you are reading a pool filter manual or looking to replace a part, you will find all the pool filtration terms you need here.

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Influent: Dirty or unfiltered water introduced to the filter. Also referred to as “feed” or “incoming slurry.”

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer or brand name.

Micron Size: Expressed as micrometer (μm), a unit of measurement equal to 1/1,000,000 of a meter (.0000394”). 40 micron is considered the smallest size particle visible to the human eye. A red blood cell is 6-8 micrometers large; one grain of table salt is roughly 100 micrometers in size.

Permeability: Expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the resistance to flow through a pool filter media. The lower the perm number, the greater the resistance.  The permeability of a pool filter’s media is a quality control measure for cartridge and D.E. filter materials.

Polymer: High molecular weight organic compound whose structure can be represented by repeated small units. Synthetic polymers are formed by condensation polymerization of monomers. If two or more monomers are involved, a copolymer is formed.

Porosity: (1) The degree of open area between the fibers. (2) The void area which exists in the structure.

Reemay: A registered trademark of Reemay, Inc. originally developed by DuPont, Reemay is made of continuous filament, 100% polyester fibers. The process by which these fibers are drawn, randomly laid and thermally bonded is known as “spunbonding.”

Trilobal: The three sided fiber formed by drawing polyester resin through a die or spinneret. The basic shape of Reemay fibers.

Turbidity: (1) the characteristic or property of a liquid that causes it to absorb or scatter light. (2) A measurement of water cloudiness or haziness caused by micro-organisms, algae, or suspended fine particles.

If you have any further questions on swimming pool filtration terminology that was not listed in our glossary, feel free to call a Pool Care Expert at 1-888-766-5432.

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