Pool Filtration Terms: Part One

Have you ever wished that you could understand more about how your swimming pool works – including the filtration system? PoolGear Plus is here to help! Here are some terms regarding pool filtration that might help you learn more about your pool.

Backwashing: This is the process of cleaning the pool filter medium (for example, with a sand pool filter) by reversing the flow of water through the pool filter.

Cartridge Filter: A pool filter that utilizes a pleated, porous medium as a filtering material.

Clarification: The process by which the pool filter removes progressively smaller particles on each successive turnover, which improves efficiency and extends cycle life. Cartridge pool filters use the clarification process.

Clarifier (also called coagulant or flocculent): A pool chemical that coagulates suspended particles in pool water. PoolGear Plus offers pool water clarifiers that will leave water sparkling!

Coagulation: The process by which very small, finely divided solid particles — often colloidal in nature –are agglomerated into larger particles. Flocculants coagulates suspended particles and clear cloudy pool water. 

Typically, the pool owner simply allows the flocculants to sit overnight in the pool and vacuums it up the next day.  Flocculants are used for weekly pool maintenance to prevent pool water from becoming cloudy or turbid. 

D.E.: Abbreviation for diatomaceous earth, fossil-like skeletons of microscopic water plants called diatoms. This is an excellent media for pool water filtration.

PoolGear Plus wants to help you get to know your pool better! Look for future articles on pool water filtration terminology that will save time and money.

Posted: Monday, July 16th, 2012 @ 12:13 pm
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