Pleatco®: A Properly Designed Pool Filter Cartridge

Pool filter cartridges are a complete system. Their combination includes cores, media (filtration fabric), bands, and end caps. At Pleatco®, they talk about “Fluid Dynamics.” Pleatco does research and works with the best companies in the world to design the strongest and hardest-working pool filters. A properly designed pool filter cartridge core maximizes the filtration area, increases water flow, and creates uniform flow distribution through the entire pool cartridge, increasing its life and the cleanliness of your pool water.

Free Flow Core

Pleatco free flow cores deliver superior pool water flow rates, enhancing filtration. This efficiency reduces wear and stress on the pool pump, is more energy-efficient, and provides a long life span to the pool filter cartridge. Proper flow is important as many pool owners are changing over to energy-efficient multiple and variable speed pool pumps.

Media (Filtration Fabric)

Spun bonded polyester Reemay® Filtration Fabric is used in all Pleatco pool filter cartridges because it’s so highly efficient.

Bands (Pleat Stability)

Pleatco break-resistant bands keep the pleats clearly aligned and evenly spaced for increased pool water flow. In cartridges of their competitors, low quality bands may fall off and cause flimsy pleats, which decreases the life of a pool filter; poor flow increases back pressure throughout the pool’s entire filtration system.

Antimicrobial End Caps

Pleatco end caps are designed to withstand chlorine degradation. Pleatco filter cartridges end caps are 100% antimicrobial, which prohibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Pleatco’s part numbers are clearly visible on all end caps.

Pleatco pool filter cartridges simply provide optimum efficiency for the greatest value. With a Pleatco filter cartridge you will use less energy, acquire cleaner pool water, and achieve longer pool filter life.

Posted: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 @ 12:48 pm
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