Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator Maintenance Instructions

The Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator device is intended for use with permanent swimming pools and also may be used with hot tubs and spas if so marked. Before performing maintenance on the Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator please ensure you have read and understood the important safety instructions located in your owner’s manual.

Note: Always test the chlorine levels of your pool before going swimming.

Daily Maintenance Instructions:

  • Test pool water chlorine levels, pH levels, Total Alkalinity levels and Calcium Hardness levels with a reliable pool water test kit. Maintain an ideal free chlorine level between 1- 3 ppm. Maintain a pH level of 7.4-7.6. Maintain an alkalinity level of 80-120 ppm and a calcium hardness level of 175-400 ppm.

Note: It is recommended that chlorine test samples be taken from two places, one at the pool return line, and the other well away from the pool return line. Compare the two samples. A higher level should be found at the pool return line. The higher level at the pool return line indicates the Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator is producing chlorine.

Monthly Maintenance Instructions:

  • Check the electrolytic cell of your Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator by removing and inspecting it for scale and debris. Cleaning the electrolytic cell may be required if either scale or debris are present. A small amount of scale formation is normal. While looking through the electrolytic cell, if you see that there is excessive scale formation between the plates or debris is present, the cell must be cleaned according to the manual.
  • Using salt pool water test strips, test the pool’s salt levels. If needed, add the amount of salt needed to reach the desired level. When your pool’s salinity level is correct, the salt LED light on your AquaPure® Ei™ should turn off.
  • Test your pool water for stabilizer and for the presence of metals in the pool water. Maintain stabilizer in the range of 10-50 ppm. You do not want to find metals present in your pool water. If you do find metals, call 888-718-7946 for advice from a Pool Care Expert.

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