How to Use an AquaChek® TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader

This information will help you through the very simple process of testing your pool water. You will be able to turn your AquaChek® TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader on, use the test strip and get your pool water results.

First you will need to turn the AquaChek® meter on by pushing the top black button on the left-hand side of the meter. The word “On” should then show up on the digital screen. To begin testing your pool water, press the bottom button on the left-hand side of the meter. This bottom button is also known at the start button. At the same exact time, dip a TruTest Digital Test Strip into the pool water sample, completely submerging it. It is important that you do these two things (press the bottom button and dip the pool water test strip) at the exact same time.

The button above the start button is the scroll button which allows you to scroll through the last 9 test strip results.

Next, give the TruTest Digital Test Strip one firm shake to remove any excess pool water. Now you are ready to place the pool water test strip into the tray of the digital reader. It is very important not to slide the pool water test strip across the glass; this will cause the chemistries to mix and give you inaccurate results. Put the strip in the back of the channel at a 45 degree angle and lay it flat. You will then wait for your pool water test results, typically no longer than 30 seconds. Throughout the test, the digital screen will flash the word “On,” which is letting you know that testing is in progress.

If the AquaChek® TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader is used in direct sunlight, position the light shield over the test strip window to prevent any interference from stray light. Afterwards remove your TruTest Digital Test Strip and clean off the glass with the cleaning tool or a dry cloth.

You can always refer to the insert that comes in your an AquaChek® TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader packaging if you need more information or don’t understand one of these steps completely. Or call 888-718-7946 to speak to one of our Pool Care Experts.

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